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Elements of a Successful Business Website

Gone are the days when a company’s website was only there to inform customers about common information such as store hours and email addresses. Today, a company website needs to pull out all the stops to not only get people to visit their site but also to stay. The following list includes some of the most important elements that a successful business website needs to have in order to be successful.


When it comes to visuals, this is as basic as it can get, but implementing the right design can mean a world of difference. The reality is that we are visual creatures. If a consumer looks at a dull website, they are not likely to stick around. People yearn for visually pleasing visuals, from the color of your font to the logo. Customers only need 10 seconds to look at your brand logo before forming an opinion of it. A lively website that is appropriate to your particular business can greatly increase the consumer’s perception of your company and make them take a second look.


Visuals are a great place to start when constructing your website, but it is certainly not the most important. A nice website is only as good as its content. Content, through the use of SEO keywords, can provide you with a positive flow of customers. Content provides your customers a reason to stick around and even interact with your website. Lastly, the right type of content can mean the difference between being the little guy in your industry and being seen as an industry expert.


If your customer searches and lands on your page, they are likely searching for something specific. The last thing you want to do is make that search difficult for them. Having clear and fluent navigation throughout your website is critical and can mean the difference between a potential customer leaving or checking out. Note that you should also make navigation convenient for a mobile format, as an overwhelming amount of searches are done through a person’s cell phone.

In today’s world, your first interaction with a customer might not be in person but rather through your website. This is why it is so critical to make sure that your website is ready for them to visit. You may accomplish this by utilizing some of the tips listed above and applying them towards your own business website.

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