How to Start a WebHosting company

Everyone has dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur in life and with the developing advancements in technology, it’s fairly easy today to start an online business. You can find countless money making ideas and web sites which can help you to make your extra money. 

Reseller hosting is a real business, a big business with a tiny investment. It’s very easy to begin a Web-Hosting company with a little investment and just a little bit of time. Hopefully, this will help you along the way with How to Start a Webhosting company.

In the industry, you will find many large hosts who provide services to no specific nitch market, so that you aren’t expected to earn money attempting to sell to all potential hosting clients. Alternatively, begin small and specific. Consider the following to determine your hosting brand:

  • What is your target market?
  • What makes your Webhosting service unique?
  • What type of hosting services will you offer? Shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and/or dedicated servers?

Lets understand the steps needed to begin your adventure in the web hosting industry.

Starting Your Web Hosting Company

  1. Get a website name: Your domain is your online business title, such as You want your domain to be Unquie, memorable, but still related to your brand. The Core Hosting not only provides you with your domain name for free with all ReSeller Hosting service, but you can purchase similar domain names, to make sure your name, stays yours, at $12.00/Year.
    Start a webhosting company
  2. Get the right plan: It’s not always best to start off with a fully dedicated server, or VPS Service, mainly due to money constraints, along with the time and technical knowhow it can take. So settling with a ReSeller hosting plan, Such as ones provided by us at The Core Hosting, you can get started quick and easy, with minimal know-how, and low overhead. 
  3. Create your Website: This could be one of the most important steps in developing your new hosting business. Having the proper sites that displays your services and what is provided, a clear price, ease of use, and functionality is important. But you also need to be sure that the site is also pleasing to look at. This is why we recommend when looking at a place to start for themes and ideas.
  4. Finding the right billing Software: Having a easy to use and secure billing system is key to ensuring trust between you and your potential customers. If someone feels unsafe on your site, or doesn’t understand how to proceed through the steps, it could lead to dropped carts and non-sales. There are many Billing systems in the market for Hosting services, Such as Blesta, HostBill, or the one we recommend, and use ourselves, is WHMCS. We also provide WHMCS along with our Reseller Hosting services to help get you started.
  5. Customer Support: Support is one of the key foundations to a web hosting service. If your customers have issues with their sites, questions regarding the services, or billing-related issues, It is important to be quick and correct in your response. Providing multiple avenues of support is great, but can become confusing, so be sure to find the best ways, and stick to them. A ticket-based support system and live chat would be key starting points to look at. With The Core Hosting Reseller hosting, you can count on our team to help your provide your clients with the correct answers to their issues and always keep your services online.
  6. Finding Customers:-  Once your systems are configured and tested, you can begin marketing your organization and start spreading the word to get clients. Never hesitate to start with your friends and social networking sites. “Word of mouth” sales tend to be critical to a new website hosting business, so make sure every customer receives the best service possible and can go to bed at night knowing their site is well taken care of. It is now time to provide a wonderful service with a smile. It may need several hours of hard work and certainly will mean you’ll be on call and talk to the customers 24×7, but the reward for your hosting company is beneficial. Once you have fatigued your own personal sites, you can try here channels to find clients:
    • Facebook adverts and Google AdWords. 
    • Local printing, newsprint adverts, and appropriate publications.
    • Banner advertisements on websites associated with your market.
Start a webhosting company
  1. Scaling up your Business: So let’s assume you have it all set up and you’re successfully selling shared hosting to your clients. But you’ve outgrown the confines of a reseller account, and you need space to grow. Now would be the time to start looking at what it would take to move to a VPS service or even a Dedicated Server. The choice between the two has many variables to take into account, far too many to go into detail here, but the main things to consider are:
    1. The amount of traffic your clients are getting in total, This can help determine the needs of your services, and help you decide what route to go, VPS, or Dedicated server.
    2. What resources, and how much, are being used. Many reseller hosting services limit your reseller accounts to the amount of CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, Storage, ect. Can be used. 
    3. How many websites you are currently hosting.
    4. Your budget.
Start a webhosting company

Final Words:

Reseller web hosting isn’t only the best place to start in the hosting industry, but also a great way to make an additional income. Getting into the hosting industry doesn’t have to be difficult, and it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Let us help you get started with our Reseller Hosting services, and you can get started providing web hosting to your clients. Already running a reseller hosting service and looking to grow? Check out our VPS Hosting and Dedicated server hosting services, or contact our sales department today!

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Which Hosting Plan Should I Choose?

Are you looking for a hosting plan? Confused which one to choose? Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting? In this article, we hope we help in making the best decision possible for you.

Shared Hosting Plans

These are our most affordable and economical web hosting plans. Shared web hosting means multiple users share one physical server and it’s resources. It is recommended for customers that don’t have a large amount of incoming traffic. Almost every tool and modules required for common web applications are pre-installed here.

Advantages of The Core Hosting Shared Hosting

  • Very economical. Our most affordable plan
  • Our shared hosting is Fully-Managed, This way you do not have to worry about anything server related
  • Easy to use cPanel based control panel.
  • 400+ 1-click install scripts available
  • Our servers run on Raid-10 hardware raids on SSD Drives
  • Our servers are optimized to run your site at its optimal performance, and we never overload our servers, so that way there are resources available.
  • Easily scale your website to VPS or Dedicated Servers with our no downtime migration process.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • You will not be able to install any modules or programs that require server-side changes
  • Since it’s a shared environment, issues with other sites sometimes will affect your site.
  • It is not suitable for resource-intensive applications.
  • You are not allowed to make any customization that will require server-side changes.

VPS Hosting Plans

A VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) is a shared server platform that mimics all features and functions of a dedicated server. A VPS will have its own operating system and customers will get access with full root privileges. This means you can install anything upon it and can customize the VPS as desired.

Advantages of InterServer VPS Hosting

  • You will get access to the server with full root privileges.
  • You can choose your OS from the list of supported OS’s
  • You can install any applications and can make any server-side changes.
  • You can choose a stand-alone server or choose any supported control panels.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade the resources anytime.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  • You will need a bit of technical knowledge to effectively manage the backend of a VPS server.
  • VPS is a shared server platform that mimics all features and functions of a dedicated server. Instead, physical resources are being shared amongst customers. In rare situations, other server hosted on your same node may affect your VPS’s performance. ( depends on the virtualization technique. )

Dedicated Hosting Plans

It’s an actual physical server with real hardware and resources. Techs at our Datacenter will be doing the server provisioning and upgrades. If you want to know more about our datacenters and network, the details are available in the following links.

Advantages of InterServer Dedicated Hosting

  • Suitable for high resource-intensive applications.
  • Recommended if you are are getting high incoming traffic.
  • You can choose to install any OS’s.
  • Extreme reliability and performance.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • Expensive when compared to our VPS and Shared plans.

I hope now you have an idea about our different hosting plans. If you are still confused about which plan to choose, please contact our sales team and we will help you.

New service features and cPanel price increase

Hello everyone, Jacob here with The Core Hosting. The team has been working hard over the last few months redesigning our website, working out a new lower-cost pricing structure, and expanding the features of our current services as well as creating new ones! Also, as a follow-up to our email last month, We wanted to go over the new cPanel pricing structure as it is a big change.

New Shared hosting features

Shared hosting is one of our largest services we provide, and we are always looking for ways to improve the performance of our servers, which of course improves your sites. Over the last few months, our team has researched, tested, and now finally rolled out several new features to this platform.

  • Redis Server – For all of our Deluxe and Premium Shared hosting packages, you now have the ability to create, manage, and control your own redis instance. With Redis, you can vastly improve the performance of your websites by allowing you to utilize it as a caching system, rather than file-based or Memcache based.
  • PHP 7.3 – We’ve added support for PHP 7.3 so you can now use this newer version which is 10% faster than 7.2, 30% faster than 7.0-7.1, and 3x faster than 5.6.
  • Discontinuation of PHP 5.6 and 7.0 – Unfortunately, due to both of these versions now falling into their EOL (End of Life), which means they are no longer provided any type of updates. We will be removing these versions from our shared hosting platform. If you need help migrating to a newer version of PHP, please feel free to contact our support team.
  • Cloudflare Railgun – We are proud to announce that we have rolled out our Cloudflare railgun to all shared hosting packages. From your Cpanel account, you can now add your site to Cloudflare, and utilize not only its super-fast CDN, but our included railgun network, built on the Cloudflare platform. (Best part, it’s free)
  • JetBackups System – We’ve upgraded our backup system to now include the Feature package JetBackup system. You can now have more control over your backups, restorations, and more.

Lower Dedicated Server prices!

Over the years, we have become great partners with our infrastructure provider, and as such, we are now able to provide our Semi-Managed dedicated servers at an even lower price than before. On some server packages, the price has been lowered by almost half, while still maintaining the fully packed hardware and unlimited bandwidth at high speeds.

If you are looking to make the switch from your VPS service or shared hosting, to a Dedicated Server, contact our sales team today. We can help you make the best decision for what your site or application needs, and what will help you grow.

cPanel price changes

As most of us heard back in June, cPanel was acquired by Oakley Capital, and as such, price changes were going to be in the works. Expanding a bit more on our email last month in august, cpanel price changes went into effect September 1st of this year. These changes go from the standard VPS or Bare metal license to a new “Per-account” system. Depending on the number of individual cPanel accounts you have within your system, it will determine the pricing of your license. Below is a simple chart of the # of accounts Vs the price.

For VPS’s (Cloud)

cPanel Solo Cloud1 Account$15.00/Month
cPanel Admin CloudUp to 5 Accounts$20.00/Month
cPanel Pro CloudUp to 30 Accounts$30.00/Month
cPanel Premier CloudUp to 100 Accounts$45.00/Month
cPanel Premier Cloud Bulk accountsEach account above 100$45+$0.20(Per account over 100)/Month

BareMetal Servers (Dedicated Servers)

cPanel Premier MetalUp to 100 Accounts$45.00/Month
cPanel Premier Meal Bulk accounts Each account above 100 $45+$0.20(Per account over 100)/Month

If you have any questions regarding the new cpanel pricing structure, or what your new price will be, or even how to lower your cpanel license price. Please contact our support team with all the questions, we will be happy to assist you.