How can I reactivate my canceled hosting package?

If your hosting package was canceled or terminated and you would like to reactivate it, please contact our Billing department via the Helpdesk with your request.
In case we have a backup of your account, we will be able to recover it.

For us to initiate the restoration, the full renewal price of your hosting plan should be paid.

The restoration flow is as follows:

  1. With your request received, we will check the backup availability. If your hosting plan is no longer listed on the website, a restoration with a suitable plan will be suggested.
  2. Your Core Hosting account balance should be topped up to cover the full renewal cost.
  3. Upon your confirmation, we will process the payment manually and restore the backup. The access details (the username and password) will remain the same as for your old package, yet, the link to your cPanel account may be changed.